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Your loved ones have begged you to give up smoking. It’s also something your doctor recommends. You’ll even get a discount on your health insurance if you can quit smoking. So, why haven’t you quit yet? The time has come, so continue reading to find tips which will ensure you quit and don’t ever look back.

If traditional methods haven’t worked, consider hypnosis. An experienced, licensed hypnotist could help you to quit smoking for life. The hypnotist puts you into a trance, giving your mind positive affirmations which stay with you. When you leave the hypnotist, your desire to stop smoking will stay with you.

TIP! Make your self a list of the reasons to and the reasons not to stop smoking. Putting the issue in writing will help you to see it more clearly.

Start exercising at home or join the local gym, to keep you occupied and prevent you from smoking. Movement of any kind is also an effective tool for stress relief. If you are new to exercising, take it slow by just walking each day. Make sure to discuss any exercise routine with your doctor before beginning it.

Talk with your doctor if you are having difficulties kicking your smoking habit on your own. Some medications can make it easier to quit smoking. He can also give you information about local support groups, online resources or medical professionals who can help you through it.

If you do not think you can quit cold turkey, try nicotine replacement products, like gum or patches. Such easily accessible tools can provide you with the nicotine your body craves as you work to kick the habit free from the difficult symptoms of withdrawal.

TIP! Take note of all of the methods that you plan to use to quit smoking. Creating a personalized, quitting smoking list will help to increase the likelihood that you will be able to successfully quit.

Avoid your triggers to stop smoking with more success. For instance, if you tend to smoke while driving or while drinking, it is important to adjust the way you do such things, so that do not automatically prompt you to smoke. Find something else that can take your mind off of things when this happens

Consider using a new brand when you begin to think to stop smoking. Start using a brand you dislike or a cigarette you find distasteful. By no account should you smoke more of your new cigarette than you did of the last. This is a great tool to begin your journey of quitting.

Let family and friends know that you plan to quit smoking. They will support you and keep reminding you that you must quit. Building a support team is an optimal way to succeed at quitting. Such a system can greatly up your odds of success.

Stop Smoking

Stay as optimistic as possible when developing a regimen to stop smoking. Imagine how your life will improve after you’ve stop smoking. Know that your breath will be fresher, your teeth will appear cleaner and your home will smell better. Thinking about all the good that can happen as a result of quitting can be just as motivational as thinking about the bad.

Reduce smoking. This can help you begin to quit smoking. Upon waking, wait one hour before having your first daily smoke. If it is difficult to reduce the number of times you smoke per day, so try cutting back on the amount of cigarette you smoke per time. Try smoking only half a cigarette instead of a full cigarette.

TIP! If you don’t think you can quit all at once, use nicotine gum or nicotine patches to help replace the nicotine you get from cigarettes. These over-the-counter products will supply nicotine to your body during your quitting efforts.

Create a plan to reward yourself each time you reach a milestone in your quitting efforts. Pick valuable achievement dates such as 24 hours, one week and one month since your quit date. Post this rewards list where it will catch your eye often. This motivation will be helpful when you’re feeling temptation.

Stay away from the kind of situations where you would be tempted to smoke. Try to alter your activities during the day to avoid situations that you associate with smoking. Drink coffee once you get into your office or stay away from the bar to minimize your cravings.

Now you have read a lot of helpful information to help you in your efforts to quit smoking. Stopping your cigarette habit will allow you to be happier, healthier, and you will live longer too. You can use the money that you used to spend on cigarets to buy the people in your life that have supported your quitting a little thank you gift.

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